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Universal Express Group, Pakistan’s largest premium Hajj operator, established in 1949, is a corporation of companies committed to delivering authentic and unforgettable travel experiences.
With a presence in Pakistan and the Middle East, our 14 companies cover Travel, Aviation, Transportation, and Real Estate services. Our passion, expertise, and commitment to excellence have earned us recognition nationally and internationally

Why Opt for Universal Express?

Over 5 million satisfied customers!
We are dedicated to delivering precise and top-notch services, supported by cutting-edge infrastructure and systems. Our committed teams of professionals work collaboratively to uphold the values that our parent company FRG (Fazal e Rabbi) stands for.

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Our Core Values


Committed to honesty, Universal Travel values integrity as the cornerstone in delivering various services to our customers.


As a dedicated team, we strive to provide exceptional customer service, upholding high standards and values.


Emphasizing reliability and quality management, Universal Travel is dedicated to achieving optimal results for our clients.


Sincerity and professionalism define the Universal Travel team, fostering accountability and dedication to mutual success.


Quality, reliability, and excellence characterize the Universal Travel experience, placing customer satisfaction at the forefront. Continuous analysis and strategic refinement ensure we meet customer demands and uphold our stellar reputation.

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About FRG

The Fazale Rabbi Groups is a large consortium of campnies that provide comprhensive Travel,Aviation,Transportation as well as Real Estate Service.The group was established in 1997 with intensive passion and a dream to provide authentic and unforgettable travel experience and it's unprecedented growth with in a short span of time has allowed it to become a multi-indutry corporation with 14 different campanies under it's name .Each Holding a special significance all the campanies under the FRG umbrella have confoimes thier commitment to integrating experience and experties to bring great industry-focused solutions.and have paved thier way to hold a unique position in the local and international marketplace. it is perhaps the entrepreneurial heritage,extensive passion and unparalleled expertise that have steered it towards immense success and a great reputation.

Today the FRG operates in Pakistan & Middle East, and Comprises of ouver 1,200+ employees and professionals spread througout. with a consistent record of overall excellence in every aspect,FRG has been recognized nationaly and internationally,and has received numerous awards for its contribution.


FRG's objective is to become a worldwide leader in the travel and aviation business services.


FRG aims to deliver overall satisfaction to its travellers and clients by fulfilling thier requirement and needs with the highest level of quality,customer care and values



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